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Insert do gry Scythe - Legendary Box

Dostępność: na magazynie
Wysyłka w: 48 godzin
Cena: 239,00 zł 239.00
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Ocena: 5
Gra planszowa: Scythe
Kod produktu: 0069-001


Insert deisgned for Scythe - Legendary Box.  Thanks to this insert and Legendary Box, you will fit the Scythe game with all the expansions that have so far been released in one box.
The insert has been designed from scratch and is intended for people who do not have an insert to the basic game or just want to buy one coherent product. Each faction has its own container that stores figures and all tokens in its color. Of course, the product contains sleeved cards.
Insert will accommodate expansions to the game such as:
  • Scythe game
  • Scythe: The Wind Gambit
  • Scythe: The Rise of Fenris
  • Scythe: Encounters
  • Scythe - extended board
  • Scythe: Invaders from Afar
  • Scythe - A set of 7 large stock markers
  • Scythe - Encounter and Expansion Tokens (19 pieces)
  • Scythe - realistic resources
The insert contains:
  • 7 containers for player fractions
  • 3 containers for the content of game's expansions 
  • 4 cards containers, storing also expansions content
  • 2 containers for players' factions  with 1 container for tokens 
  • 2 containers for resources with plastic, transparent flaps 
  • 1 container for coins with compartments
  • Assembly instructions


The insert is made of wooden, light plywood with a bright color suitable for possible painting or varnishing. Glue type wikol is required for gluing, which can be bought in our store HERE.

WARNING! The game elements shown in the picture are not included - they only allow you to visualize the completed insert and show its functionality.

Insert difficulty level: 3 (check details)



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